About Us

The agency’s head Szeréna Jambor Bence, has a rich education and experience in the field of languages, translation and marketing activities, despite her youth.

Her knowledge and skills come together in an original combination of services. These are especially useful when planning, implementing and coordinating marketing activities in Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia.

Her advantages in the field of translation are both being familiar with marketing jargon and specialized areas, as well as being acquainted with the cultural and artistic aspects of the language.

What makes Bence Marketing and Translation Agency stand out? Creativity, outstanding use of language, communication skills and familiarity with international environments.

In a time when most companies are oriented Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customer, we emphasize the Human-to-Human aspect. With us, you are never just a customer.

Szeréna Jambor Bence, CEO
Szeréna Jambor Bence

Our Services


  • Organizing fairs and exhibitions.
  • Preparation of marketing texts in different languages.
  • Translation of marketing texts and materials.
  • Facilitating connections with companies’ stakeholders.
  • Customer relationship maintenance.
  • Customer communication in various languages.
  • Coordination of marketing activities.
  • Maintenance of Facebook pages and websites.
  • Life Coaching.


  • Official, verified translation to Hungarian and Slovene language.
  • Translation of marketing and promotion texts.
  • Translation of company documents.
  • Translation of manuals and handbooks.
  • Translation within several different specialized areas (History, History of Art, Geography, Automotive Industry, Tourism, Agriculture, Food Industry).
  • Translation of belletristic literature.
  • Proofreading.

Our languages:

  • Hungarian
  • English
  • Slovenian


From Prekmurje with Love

A project of the People, of handmade products, of Humanity...

Maribor (2018)

From Prekmurje with Love for the 5’th time! This time it was traditional! We represented our local farmers, wineries, tourism and our gastronomy in Maribor, on the main marketplace!

This time we introduced ourselves with bogrács and gibanica, a young winemaker with his interesting new creations, honey and gingerbread, gourmet gift boxes, handmade cosmetics, and other great fruit products (spirits and jams).

The most important thing is that they want us back and that all these entrepreneurs can go and sell in Maribor from now on! Mission accomplished! Thank you once again Nataša Matijevič from Mariborska Snaga!

Domžale vol. 2. (2018)

"From Prekmurje with Love" for the second time in Domžale, on the local marketplace. We had a great time! What is the key to our success? Love? Friendliness? Confidence? Authenticity? All combined. The locals from Prekmurje prepared with jams, handy- craft pots and mugs, chocolate with honey, over Mura moving cakes, pumpkin seed oil and freshly fried, delicious lángos!

But it wouldn’t be for all of it without Vido Repanšek from Domžale, thank you so much! If you never invited us I wouldn’t have met so many great people and become friends with so much of them!

From Prekmurje with Love in Kranj (2017)

18. November 2017 was the date when we concurred Kranj!

But only with our love and kindness and of course with our fine cuisine: langos, bogrács and gibanica. This time it was not only wines, fruit and vegetable products, cheese and other dairy products and gingerbread. We invited a potter and a maker of unique textile products, too.

Mr. Andrej Zalokar, it was a pleasure to cooperate with you. The world needs more people like you.

Local market in Lendava (2017)

After many years we got our own marketplace in Lendava, too.

The Bence Marketing and Translation Agency was the co-organizer of the event. There was cheese, bread, salami, apple chips! fresh fruit and vegetables to buy under the chestnut trees in the old town of Lendava.

The old town that is so empty usually. Now it was full of life again. And people bought the local and handmade. Not the supermarket goods.

From Prekmurje with Love in Domžale (2017)

The marketplace in Domžale invited our company to organize a regional introduction.

It was fascinating and impressive at the fair to see how many people are doing their work and effort to create something unique. How much love do some people invest in a drop of wine or jam of aronia or a cake, a heart-made handicraft? To earn a penny. …and more importantly to bring even just a tiny little smile on someone’s face.

This is what we are famous for in Slovenia: of our multiculturalism, good cuisine, friendliness...

Hidak - presentation of products from Prekmurje in Domžale