Szeréna Jambor Bence
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Create the life and career
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Szeréna Jambor Bence - Life Coach and Intuitive Career Coach
Szeréna Jambor Bence
Life Coach and
Intuitive Career Coach

Do you feel that you have some ideas, visions that are just waiting to be born, but you don’t know how to unlock that inspiration?

You know you are creative, but you somehow feel that you are stuck now?

Ugh, I understand you, this used to be me...

Or do you feel that you don’t know what your passion in life is because you are overwhelmed and have no focus?

I’ve been there...

Or maybe you just simply don’t want to wander around without any clarity, feeling you have no energy for anything. You don’t want to feel weak anymore, you want to step out of the current position towards the version of you with dream relationships and occupation?

Or you know your mission, but you are still going around in circles? You don’t know how to actually make your aspirations come true, and you want to circle around NO MORE?

Dear coaches, struggling artists, entrepreneurs at the beginning stages of your career life!

What you need is someone who will guide you through your transformation to feel powerful, to become a woman you can be proud of! A woman that has a positive impact on people around and leaves a legacy!

Hi, lovely, I am Szeréna Jambor Bence, and I am a Life Coach and an intuitive Career Coach who loves to inspire and empower women to reach their potential in their private lives and careers.

I am a mommy of a beautiful little daughter and a wife to one amazing man! To me, family and my hobbies mean a lot. That is why I had to create work for myself that fulfills me and gives me time for everything I need and want.

As a soulpreneur for 5 years now, I have seen it all: not knowing what to do with my career, who to ask for advice, not having enough inspiration, not getting any results but doing my best and trying, hustling... There are only a few things that I can’t relate to regarding my career life.

I’ve seen it all: you can be talented, intelligent, educated, but still, you are not getting any results, and you begin to ask if there is something wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you; you are not broken; you just need a gentle nudge.

Let me be you’re your loving guide through this beautiful journey!

You can change your personal life and relationships, and then you can start building your dream career.

You can make your own economy, utilize your talents, grow exponentially energetically, and influence people, all by doing what you love!

This is what some of my clients say about me:

Rosana, Germany

"Before I started to work with Szeréna, I had no motivation. I didn’t know where to go next. She helped me find the potentials in me that were hidden in my eyes and lifted me up. She is a light in my life, and with her guidance, I can achieve my ambitions and use my talents in a way that is best for me."

Rosana, Germany

Tanja, Slovenia

"I recommend everyone who would like to grow, either personally or in business, to contact Szeréna. Her meditations and advice have helped me ease my grieving process, and soon everyone around me started to notice a positive change in my behavior. I’m calmer, more peaceful, happier, and thankful."

Tanja, Slovenia

Teruyo, Japan

"Szeréna helped me find myself. I had low energy and no motivation, and she opened up my eyes to see the joy in life and realize who I wanted to be. I got confidence and the job that I wanted so much! Thanks to her, I now know that anyone can change their lives."

Teruyo, Japan

Teruyo, Japan

"Szeréna came into my life at the best moment: I decided to change my carrier and focus more on my writing, but I didn’t know how to get started.

With her kind guidance and encouraging tips, she makes you want to be a better version of yourself. During our one-on-one sessions, she only focuses on you, thinking with you, helps you open up more and more.

With her intelligence and gentle humor, she sets an example for us, proving that everything is possible if you work hard, focus, and believe in your potentials. Highly recommended for struggling artists (as well), just like me!"

Bori, Malta

Life & Career Coaching for Ambitious Women

Uncover your true self and create the life and career that you desire!

Life & Career Coaching for Ambitious Women

Life and career coaching package for women, who want to find their purpose in life, want to leave behind a legacy, and wish to utilize their talents!

  • Do you feel like you are not living up to your potential?
  • Do you maybe feel like you are not using all of your talents, all of your intuition because you're confused about your own abilities?
  • You don't have time for anything?
  • Do you feel like you are running around in circles with your personal life or career, and you're not moving forward?
  • Do you believe in spirituality, but you are also ambitious?
  • Do you believe that bringing spirituality into your work-life is your way to be successful?
  • You believe that your work should be fun and easy, that you can be both spiritual and abundant, and have time for your family, friends, hobbies, and relaxation?
  • Do you feel that you have some ideas, visions that are just waiting to be born, but you don't know how to unlock that inspiration?

I have the exact solution for you! A unique Revolutionary seminar for talented, ambitious, passionate women!

A unique, outstanding program that will change your perspective of your whole life for good with:

  • raising vibration 
  • working on mindset
  • intuitive guidance mixed with powerful practical tricks to build a sustainable career or business
  • the power of energy, intuition, manifestation

This bundle will help you break the cycle of negativity & inaction, activate your potential, give you clarity and the self-esteem to do things with grace and ease:

Starter Package
Individual life and career coaching for spiritual women


5 coaching sessions
60 min 1-1 individual coaching per week
Finding your strengths and how to utilize your talents to reach your highest potential
You will more have self-esteem: we will work on your energy, with powerful coaching, NLP and psychological methods
We will work on your time-management for more productivity
Learn more about this life-changing package:
Power Edition

3-month individual coaching program for extra growth

976 1.497

35% discount for a limited time only

90 minutes 1-1 individual coaching session per week
We will find your strengths and find out how to utilize your talents to reach your highest potential
You will more have self-esteem: we will work on your energy, with powerful coaching, NLP and psychological methods
We will work on your time-management for more productivity
1 video per week about the basics of energetics, marketing, and business
1 personalized meditation each week designed only for you
Weekly tasks
Learn more about this life-changing seminar:

You have no money for a life and career coach, you say?

Let me tell you this: people always have enough money for what they genuinely want and what they think brings value to their lives.

Do you think that having someone empower you (a coach) when you feel that you are „lost” is a waste of money?

Do you think that it is wasting money if you value yourself, have that me-time for a 1-1 coaching session or studying time to grow and reach the fullest potential you have by using your spirituality?

Don’t you think it is priceless to regain your confidence, create yourself a career that you desire, and with that, also your dream life?

The EXTRA VALUE is the 1-1 time with my precious clients, the EXTRA ENERGY I put in each session, the personalized visualizations, the videos that I send you every week and the personalized tasks that will help you discover what and who you are meant to be.

Is this too much: to invest this much into your life?

I know when I haven’t had any money, I borrowed, and I took it as an investment into myself and into my business, an investment that always pays back!

I am happy to serve you in guiding you to your grander version of you, where you can find your mission and utilize your talents!

So, what do you say? Let’s make this happen together!